Internship Proposals

INPTInstitut National Polytechnique de Toulouse - Eastern Europe Relations


Computer Science and Applied Maths

  1. Visual tracking for airplane engine deformation tests (Suivi visuel pour la mesure de déformations d'aubes fans lors de tests de moteurs d'avion) (pdf)
  2. Navigation in 3D natural simulations: adaptation to the viewpoint by prefetching (html) Other topics related to Mobile multimedia / Location-Based services / adaptive web platforms are available on request
  3. Autonomic administration middleware (html)
  4. Model-driven engineering for next generation aeronautical embedded systems (pdf)
  5. Mobile 3D rendering client for a 3D streaming application (doc). Other topics related to Mobile multimedia / LBS-Location-Based services / adaptive web platforms are available on request
  6. Conception d'un site web sécurisé d'enchères inversées (Making reverse auction web sites secure) (doc), contact: Anas AbouElKalam
  7. Identification des modes de défaillances et test de Snort (IDS,UML) (doc), contact:
  8. Détection de changements entre images et bases de données (Detection of changes between an image and an image database for GIS applications) (pdf)

Telecommunications, Networks

  1. Evaluation des performances d'une amélioration d'IPSec qui tient en compte la QoS (doc), contact:
  2. SIP P2P (doc), contact:


The are other internship opportunities in industry (e.g. Siemens VDO, Assystem, Airbus etc.) Topics for internships at Siemens VDO Toulouse here.

Practical information

If you are interested in an internship in Toulouse, please contact prof. Romulus GRIGORAS . If you are willing to have an interview with prof. Grigoras, send him an email containing: CV with photo, a brief letter of intention and your academic records (at least the average grades for each academic semester, no official paper or translation needed).

You are encouraged to contact the researcher/supervisor for any questions related to the subject. If you are interested in the research field and would like a different subject, the researcher may be able to provide you with a modified proposal.

For most internships English is the "official" language, but French is also currently spoken. As an intern, you are encouraged to learn a little bit of French, that can be very useful outside (for ordering a beer or a meal, for example:). Even if the title of the topic is in French, and if you accept the topic, you can conduct your work in English.

For any administrative queries, please contact your professor/Socrates contact or prof. Romulus Grigoras (INPT, France).
The internships will take place at INPT laboratories such as IRIT Research Lab, ENSEEIHT site, in downtown Toulouse. Accomodation will be provided in the campus.

Toulouse is the second largest French university center after Paris. From Toulouse, it is easy to reach the Atlantic ocean, the Mediteranean See, the Pyrenees mountains, the city of Barcelona etc. In Toulouse you will have the opportunity to visit the Concorde / A320 / A380 Airbus assembly plants and also the City of Space, featuring the Mir space station.