On a sabbatical leave to Devatics

Assistant Professor,
Computer Science and Applied Maths Department,
ENSEEIHT Engineering School,
National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse
University of Toulouse, France
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Tel: +33 534 32 2149
Fax: +33 534 32 2157

INP Toulouse
CNRS University of Toulouse


My main research field is distributed multimedia systems. I am a member of the VORTEX multimedia research group at IRIT-CNRS, University of Toulouse. With my colleagues, we are working on visual objects, from acqusition to modeling, transport over IP networks and usage.


Streamed PlantStreaming of Plants in Distributed Virtual Environments, with W. Cheng, W.T. Ooi, S. Mondet, G. Morin and F.Boudon, ACM Multimedia'08,
Best Paper Award

mobile guide application

Mobile Guide Applications using Representative Visualizations, with O.Choudary and V.Charvillat,
ACM Multimedia'08

An Analytical Model for Progressive Mesh Streaming, with W. Cheng, W.T. Ooi, S. Mondet and G. Morin,
ACM Multimedia'07.


Research-related Activities

I am member of the Multimedia Metadata Community, TPC member of ACM Multimedia 08,09,10, NOSSDAV 09, Coresa '09, MMM '10Co-chair of WMM 09, MMAP 2010, EMC-10, part of the French-Singaporean joint lab IPAL.
I have served as a reviewer for various multimedia conferences and journals,  organized WDMDA etc.


I am teaching undergraduate and graduate-level courses on distributed multimedia systems, operating systems,  databases, web technologies, computer  architecture etc.

PhD Students

Benoit BACCOT (co-supervised with V. Charvillat), Ana-Maria MANZAT (co-supervised with F.Sedes)

Former Students:
Sebastien MONDET PhD 2009 (co-supervised with G. Morin)
Cezar Plesca, PhD 2007 (co-supervised with V.Charvillat and Ph. Queinnec), currently at ATM Bucharest

Omar Choudary
Cristian Spiescu, Msc 2007, currently manager of Crispico


My Snaps
Administrative Activities

I am in charge of the academic cooperation between INPT and Eastern European universities. President of AUF BECO Engineering Science Chapter.
Internship proposals for 2008 can be found here.


Life until now

I received my B. Sc.(engineering) degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from National Polytecnic Institute of Bucharest UPB, in 1998, and Ph. D. from INPT National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse, France, in 2003.

I was born in Panciu where I started going to school. Then I went to high school in Focsani. I have never quit school since :)

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